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Rental agreement (hidden)


  • Minimum age requirement for the Lessee named on the Rental Agreement: 23 years old with a valid driver’s license.
  • Lessee and/or Drivers must adhere to Canadian Coast Guard rules and regulations.
  • Strict prohibition of drugs and alcohol on the watercraft; Boatman Rental reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone suspected of being under the influence.
  • Boatman Rental provides all the necessary safety equipment required by Transportation Canada to ensure the boat or personal watercraft is compliant with marine safety regulations.
  • It is mandatory to get a Pleasure Craft Operators Card (boating licence) before reservation. To get yours today, visit;


  • A Non-Refundable Booking Deposit is required for all rentals reservations at the time of booking.
  • Pontoon boat and Sea-doo deposits amount $100
  • Cancellation of a rental requires at least 72 hours’ notice.
  • If a booking is canceled with more than 72 hours’ notice, the Non-Refundable Booking Deposit will be kept into credits and is valid for a year.
  • Boatman Rental staff can refuse rentals due to unsafe weather conditions like strong winds or lightning. In such cases, customers can reschedule their rental, using the non-refundable deposit for a new reservation.


  • A damage deposit is mandatory for all rentals and is charged to the lessee’s credit card.
  • The lessee holds responsibility for any damages to the boat, equipment, and provided contents. A pre and post-rental inspection will be conducted in your presence to assess any damages. Charges will be applied once a final damage quote is determined.


  • Boats must be both picked up and returned within the time frame of 9 am to 5:30 pm, seven days a week.
  • Late returns of the boat, sea-doo or equipment after 5:30pm will incur a charge of $1 per minute.


    • Boats & Sea-doos are filled only with premium 91 gas and oil, upon return we will fill it for you and tell you the price.
    • We ensure that our boats and Sea-doos are exclusively fueled with premium gas and oil. When you return your rental, we will handle the refueling for you and you will be charged for the fuel at average local rates.
    • Insurance is Mandatory on all Rentals. It is $39.00 per Calendar Day.